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Case Of Success In Barcelona: 2019 Vs 2022

Caso de éxito en Barcelona

Rise In Earnings Of More Than 53,8% Respect 2019

Incremento en ingresos de más de un 53,8% frente a 2019

Breaking Records

Breaking Records - Hotel Oasis Barcelona

Growth Of Up To 25% When Barcelona Falls More Than 40% In Low Season (Covid Season)

Rev Par Hotel Transit

Record Historical Results In Times Of Covid At The Sommos Aneto Hotel

Porcentaje de incremento 2021 vs 2019

Success Stories Of Revenue Management In The Time Of Covid

Ocupación Hotel Wilson Barcelona

With Innovation, Commitment And Follow-Up We Obtain Great Results

Con innovación, compromiso y seguimiento obtenemos grandes resultados

Vertiginous Increase In Hotel Sales

Incremento vertiginoso de las ventas del hotel

Revenue Management success story at mountain hotel

Revenue en Costa Brava


Con innovación, compromiso y seguimiento obtenemos grandes resultados

Hotel Prisma Barcelona

Hotel Prisma Barcelona

Hotel Hispanos 7 Suizas

Hispanos 7 Suizas

Hotel Condal

hotel condal revenue

Hotel Call

Resultados del Hotel Call de Barcelona

Pol & Grace Hotel

% Cambio RevPAR 2016 vs 2011

It delights me to be able to express my opinion about Yield Management. This team of professionals led by Luis Ramírez have shown me that there are still people who deliver what they promise, they are exceptional because they are an exception. With them we have improved a lot in every way; from revenue to the quality of the service we provide, we have only advanced since we collaborated with them. From the first day of work until now they have not lowered the intensity, they have not let themselves be and continue to provide us with the same service and attention as the first day. The deal with them is daily, having information analyzed and updated constantly. That information and treatment is always rigorous and professional, meeting the predicted expectations. In short, I can only express my satisfaction and gratitude to the professionalism, experience, treatment and attention that this team of professionals give us every day. Santiago Rama Director Hotel Condal and Hotel Call.

Hotel Condal & Hotel Call
Santiago Rama (Director)

Dear Luis, I just wanted to thank you for your professionalism, precision in your decision-making, and your perseverance. You have always granted us a great peace of mind of knowing that we are doing things well. With you we grew a lot and we will always be grateful to you.

Hotel Boutique Wilson Barcelona
Jordi Llansac (General Manager)

Hotel Caledonian Barcelona. We have been fortunate to be in the hands of professionals like Yield Revenue, headed by Luis Ramirez. I have to emphasize that due to their extensive experience in the Revenue and hospitality sector they have a gift to calculate rates, rooms, sales restrictions and a long etc., in order to maximize sales. With that innate capacity that they put into practice in my case the Hotel Caledonian has managed to increase sales dramatically. They have also managed to raise occupancy and appreciate the pace of demand at the right time at the right price and the customers that suit us. Thanks to Yield Revenue I have learned to trust a team that meets their objectives, although most Times, they surpass them. I am very happy with his services and I want to comment that Luis is a great professional and does a very clean job.

Hotel Caledonian
David Fuster (Director)

The work performed by Yield Revenue during pol & Grace Hotel’s change of strategy has yielded considerable growth. Much of this improvement has been thanks to their knowledge of the Spanish hotel market as well as the “Yield Revenue” methodology they apply. It is worth mentioning the involvement of the Yield Revenue Team in the improvement project, supporting and working together with the Hotel in the implementation of new formulas to optimize the Hotel’s income.

Pol & Grace Hotel

When we started at Sommos Hoteles, we used to work with another Revenue Management company but then switched to Yield Revenue and the difference in attention and results was like night and day. Every year we have made record production, average price in dates of demand and direct sale. They are very demanding in their work, they are detail-oriented, with high dedication, in short, an excellent service. We have jointly negotiated the entire distribution, minimizing all intermediation costs and we have prepared the season. I have known Luis Ramírez from Yield Revenue for more than 20 years and he has always been very demanding, tenacious and has liked to compete and improve any result and since then I know that it has always been like this.

Sommos Hotels
José Jorge Sidos

I have known Luis Ramirez for almost 20 years and at that time he was already rigorous as well as constantly innovating in the field of revenue management. I hired his company 10 years ago to cover the work leave of our revenue manager and I saw how he was still working in the same rigorous and innovative manner. Since that moment he has been working with us because of the individualized and professional treatment that he provides but especially due to the results obtained. We consider him as another executive of our company, given his implication and how he fights for the results. His personal opinion is a critical factor for our growth. In fact, we are not the type of business that tends to outsource their own services but in this case we have made an exception and we are really happy because of the commitment and thoroughness shown. As a joke I tell Luis: I am afraid of recommending your services because if you get new clients maybe you can not lead our new hotels. I know that this will never happen. Without any doubt, I recommend Luis Ramírez along with his team of Yield Revenue.

CEO en Grupo RV
Sergi Pages

Yield Revenue, and in particular Luis Ramírez, have meant a radical change in the way we market our business units. Luis is a close, dedicated collaborator who continuously monitors the business beyond revenue, always concerned with getting the most out of his clients’ businesses. He is a professional knowledgeable about the sector, with great analytical capacity, a collaborator of great value for any company. My thanks to him and his entire team.

Grupo Andilana
Alejandro Cordero Benasayag (CEO)

At Yield Revenue, I have received excellent advice on Revenue Management from Luis Ramirez, an expert in the field. The professionalism of your team is also worthy of mention. During these 5 years of work we have achieved a vertiginous increase in sales, which has allowed us to perform a restyling in the Hotel with the aim of satisfying and improving customer service. Luis you are a Beast!!!. I knew we were going to grow but not this way, Incredible!!!. Great job, I congratulate you on your management excellecy!

Hotel Oasis
Jordi Torras (Financial Director)