Vertiginous increase in hotel sales

Increase to 171% growth in high season

Thanks to the trust placed by the property, we have been able to perform our work to exponentially maximize the income of the Oasis Hotel.

It has increased its online reputation, which together with our exclusive Revenue Management strategies, has allowed us to obtain higher average prices.

Incremento vertiginoso de las ventas del hotel

What customers say

Jordi Torra (Financial Director of Hotel Oasis)
At Yield Revenue, I have received excellent advice on Revenue Management from Luis Ramirez, an expert in the field. Also mention the professionalism of your team. During these 5 years of work we have achieved a vertiginous increase in sales, which has allowed us to perform a restyling in the Hotel with the aim of satisfying and improving customer service. Luis you are incredible!!!. I knew we were going to grow, but not this way, outstandingl!!!. Great job, I congratulate you on the management, excellent.