Revevenue Management Software

Analyze, edit and validate prices

Luis Ramírez, an expert researcher in Revenue Management, is the founder of Yield Revenue. Creator of various management processes to obtain the maximum profitability in the field of hotels, including the City Pick Up, which has been used with great success by hotels around the world. He is proud to have trained the best Revenue Managers of Barcelona’s main hotels.

Through a modern business design and sophisticated mathematical algorithms, together with his Yield Revenue team, he has created the first Revenue Management software in Spain: Revenue’s UP.

Optimize the management and obtain the maximum performance.

The ideal tool for the Revenue Manager.

Results: maximum profitability and profit.

It provides the optimal price of its rooms at all times and for each day of the year.

Not long from now, hotels will use a Revenue Management Software fully integrated with the PMS and channel manager as Revenue’s UP.

The volume of information makes it impossible for the revenue manager to continue handling it with excels, Revenue’s UP presents the important information in an orderly way for decision making.

Our conclusion is that in the not too distant future, all hotels will have everything integrated: the Revenue Management software with the PMS and channel manager.

The challenge for the Revenue Manager will be to manage these tools, analyze, edit and validate prices.