Record of historical results in Times of Covid at the Sommos Aneto Hotel

Thanks to the trust placed in Yield Revenue by the Director of Strategic Planning of Sommos Hoteles: José Jorge Sidos Sierra, excellent Hospitality professional and with whom we have worked hand in hand, with the aim of maximizing results.

In August 2021, we achieved the highest income of accommodation compared to all months of all previous years of the Hotel. Historical record. We have increased global hosting revenues by more than 31% compared to August 2019.

Direct sales have also increased significantly, up to an increase of 53% over the results of August 2019.

With constant communication with Jose Jorge Sidos we have applied our analysis techniques. Daily and exhaustive monitoring and updates from the beginning of the collaboration between Sommos Hoteles and Yield Revenue Management.

Our management model is unique and exclusive. Yield Revenue gives a service and results far above the market and any competitor.

Porcentaje de incremento 2021 vs 2019