Case of success in Barcelona: 2019 vs 2022

After the end of the restrictions, we have achieved records of average price & rev par during the months of May and June of 2022 in comparison to pre-pandemic levels.

We have worked on the segmentation of the rooms, agreements with the Otas, high redirection to the official website and on those visibility and positioning actions appropriate to the property and circumstances. Not only have global revenues risen significantly, but especially direct sales, which have substantially improved the hotels’ net revenues.

The tourist establishments are the ones that have grown the most. As exemplified in the graph, almost doubling the income in one of the 1-star hotels, reaching 40% practically in one of the hostels, exceeding 33% in the 2-star one and almost reaching a 30% increase in the 3-star one.

In the case of the 4-star hotel with corporate segmentation, this is the one that has grown the least due to the less touristic location and the agreements with several companies at negotiated rates. The margin has been less wide in order to raise average prices.

I am really happy to share these success stories, our goal is always to improve and maximize the income of our clients.

Case of success in Barcelona