In 2022 we have reached a rise in earnings of more than 53,8% in respect of 2019

Nowadays the vast majority of professionals apply Revenue Management techniques with divergent outcomes but Yield Revenue distinguishes itself from those competitors achieving remarkable results which will be exemplified in this article.

Our business relationship with this client was initiated in the beginnings of 2020, before the pandemic spread eroding the hotel sector. Despite of the juncture in which we were all immersed, we decided to keep the establishment opened in accordance to the will of the owners. A brave and audacious decision backed with a lot of effort which guaranteed an unimaginable profitability if the hotel sales had remained closed. The constant work including demand projections, tracing the offerings in the city of Barcelona and adjusting the price subsequently was especially complex during that period of time but thanks to well defined and congruent procedures we could take full advantage of the property and the situation.

Placing ourselves in 2022, we have been able to anticipate the shifts in trends focusing mostly on the acceleration of demand and on how the aggregated demand impacts the establishment. The strategy formulated throughout the year enabled us to secure a set of results well above the market and superior in more than 50% in comparison to the statistics of this hotel in 2019.

For Yield Revenue is an enormous satisfaction to affirm that our clients have overcomed the pandemic obtaining excellent results and in some particular cases hitting record figures outdoing the standard parameters. We are profoundly proud of this statement and we are glad to share it with all of you just now when we start with great enthusiasm this new year.

Do not hesitate to contact us (no strings attached), looking forward to repeat these successes managing the pricing of your establishment.